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Train the Trainer Projects

An SLI train-the-trainer project involves 8-12 spiritual leaders who join together to learn our walk-alongside-process by experience in order to implement it in their own ministry.  Together the participants develop as Spiritual Leaders who model community that learns and leads together, developing the capacity to solve adaptive problems together.   This team shepherds the creation of an environment that fosters transformation and establishes processes that produce fruit.

  • They will live together in covenant, holding each other accountable for growing in their Christ-likeness.
  • They will learn together from a variety of perspectives ways to do ministry well as a team and to be fruitful as disciples
  • They will each create a Ministry Action Plan for their ministry, one which refines the ministries into an intentional disciple making system that can be measured and improved continuously.
  • They will then apply this model to their own ministry and put it into action to bear lasting fruit.  For more on this aspect, see the Lead Team page in this section.


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