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The SLI Story

Unique History

SLI began when two successful lay persons began a journey with Christ to follow their calling to become spiritual leaders.  From the beginning these two lay persons immediately immersed themselves in a community of theologians, preachers, pastors and practicing ministry leaders that could help shape their character and the ministry that SLI is and is becoming. The most exciting characteristic of this ministry is its capacity to learn by working as a team focusing on continual improvement rather than secular values of ownership, power, and influence. SLI has steadily built a community that is affecting ministries and their surrounding environments bringing heaven to the hurting world.


SLI discovers, develops, and deploys Spiritual Leaders by placing them in communities that learn how to create transformative environments and fruitful ministries.  Our work is targeted to those with the gifts of leadership that spans the Lay and Clergy world without bias.

SLI has thoroughly tested for over 12 years what happens when a group of people come together and spend time growing spiritually, learning together, and giving their lives to leading adaptive, generative ministries.  In culture after culture these timeless principles are being applied in modern ministry settings and creating beautiful chaos as Christ becomes the head of a group of people who in turn begin to work to overcome the forces of normal.

A Story

6 years ago, Grace Church, a United Methodist Church located in a blue collar, economically depressed area of Cape Coral, Florida, began the journey described above.  Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds, using the SLI process, collected gifted leaders from Grace Church and began to live the principles and processes described above.

Though the Cape Coral community was one of the hardest hit in the nation, Grace Church has thrived as thousands have been fed physically, emotionally, and, most importantly, spiritually.  Grace has become a beacon of hope that is contagious and is transforming SW Florida.

If you asked what is different, you would hear how, through building teams of people that actually trust each other and God, the work of the kingdom is being accomplished.  The SLI and Grace staff are becoming so intertwined that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell where one ministry starts and the other stops.  We believe that unity and trust allow us to learn and grow more quickly as we hold each other accountable.  Because we focused on becoming a generative ministry, we are seeing levels of effectiveness that go beyond our personal capacities and are evidence of a God who has immeasurably more for us that we can ask or imagine.


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