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Small Church – “ABIDE” Projects

ABIDE - The largest percentage of churches within the U.S. have a single pastor (full or part-time) and minimal other paid staff.  We developed a special version of the SLI process called ABIDE, targeted specifically to such ministries.

The goal of SLI's ABIDE process is congregations

Abiding in Christ,

Advancing God’s Mission, and

Alive in God’s Glory

ABIDE gives teams from multiple Small Membership Churches the opportunity to get a good taste of the process before committing to the full 12-month journey as follows:

  1. Pastor brings a group of key leaders to a 2-hour preview event
  2. A follow-up conference call is held between those attending and an SLI coach.  At that time, three options are presented for a 6-week group study related to the themes of ABIDE, and the team selects one of these
  3. The group works through the study and captures key insights to help their church,
  4. When the study is completed, a second conference call with SLI is held to determines if the church is ready for the ABIDE journey. If so, an ABIDE team is selected to attend a kickoff retreat and begin the 12-month journey with SLI coaches assisting. If not, SLI will work with you to design the steps and a timeline to become ready.

ABIDE Stories

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