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Ron Crandall

Ron Crandall is an ordained United Methodist elder and retired Dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary. After missionary work in Vietnam and serving pastorates in California and Arizona he worked for the GBOD in Nashville for six years.

His book Turnaround and Beyond—A Hopeful Future for Smaller Membership Churches captures half of this story, and his widely used small group study WITNESS: Learning to Share Your Christian Faith the other half.

Ron is married to Bonnie and they have two sons and two grandchildren.

Lexington, KY

Some of my projects

My current ministry focus is twofold: smaller membership churches and effective Christian witness. This dual passion led to the development of ABIDE for SLI. ABIDE was launched in 2006 in North Carolina and since then has impacted nearly 200 congregations across several states working through the SLI model of generative change with a special sensitivity to the unique characteristics of smaller churches. It begins with helping teams from 7-12 congregations identify issues and improve their focus on Spiritual Formation before coming to an opening retreat. The next 12 months focus on the standard SLI processes, but always with a multiple cluster of churches learning together and assisting each other in grasping new ideas and new ways of investing in the future.

Western North Carolina ABIDE

ABIDE has brought our team members closer to God and closer to each other. We have seen the excitement from the ABIDE team spill over into our worship and other ministries. If we accomplish no more than what we have already experienced, I call the time a success and I look forward to watching God work through this team in the future.

Kansas ABIDE

We entered into the ABIDE process with some trepidation, but we have found it to be life-changing for our five-member team. It is amazing the bond we have established between us. We hope that we can spread this love and enthusiasm with others. We also have great optimism about the potential impact upon our small church and community as we head into the future of this ministry - with God's help.


Before our ABIDE group began, many of us were disconnected from God and we did not have a unified direction. Now we are becoming better disciples, striving to live within the will of God, and starting to have a vision for our Church and community, one that will bring glory to God and reach and teach the lost sheep.