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Something Great for God

What impact did the leadership project have on you personally? (your abiding...) The leadership project impacted me in many ways.  The primary way is in my willingness to take more risks (or perhaps simply being more bold) in my leadership.  The strong emphasis on building a team was critical in this taking place.  I no longer feel alone in pushing for new initiatives and ministries.  My boldness has also resulted in being more permission giving to leaders and their ministry ideas.  Although change has never been a comfortable thing for me, I have found that as my leadership has grown my willingness to change and to be a change agent has grown as well.

I highly recommend an SLI leadership project for pastors and churches who no longer want to just dream about doing something great for God, but actually want to do something great for God. 

I would also like to add that being part of a group of leaders processing the leadership learnings together produces a great sense of teamwork between congregations.  We really aren’t alone in this work.

What impact has the leadership project had in your ministry setting? (the fruit...) The direct fruit from being a part of the SLI project has been the enthusiasm that is growing among my leaders.  Just last night for instance a member of our Church Council approached me to tell me how much she enjoys coming to the leadership meetings now because we are becoming like a small group.  The fruit has manifested itself in the development of: a long-term vision with clear goals, more boldness and risk taking among the leaders, a focus on doing ministry as team, and more.  As a direct result of the in house project we dreamed of reaching Spanish speakers and younger families.  We are in the development stages of both.  We hope to launch a new worship service this fall for families.

So the fruit is now being born as a result of the work that began in the project.

David Stauffer, Pastor, Faith UMC, Fort Myers, FL

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