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Recommended Reading

Personal Development (relationships and attitudes toward others)


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The Anatomy of Peace

Delves into the root cause of conflicts and how to reach reconciliation

Leadership and Self Deception

Fosters an awareness of the role of self-deception plays in personal and organizational settings and how to step out of “the box”

Necessary Endings

Creates an understanding that some endings are necessary, strategic and beneficial to forward movement

Recapturing the paradigm of 'church'

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Power Surge

Focuses on church progression from a membership to discipleship model

Turnaround and Beyond

Focuses on taking small membership churches to a new level of leadership and mission

The Forgotten Ways

Centers on re-establishing and clarifying the life of the missional church

An Unstoppable Force

Views seeing God’s vision for the church as a worthy challenge and a motivation for cultural changes

The Present Future

Investigates the context within which church leaders can address core issues and establish a new purpose for the church

Simple Church

Discusses simplifying the disciple-making process by establishing clarity, focus and intentional spiritual growth

Deeper change (personal and organizational change)

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Deep Change

Dives into the process of seeking and encouraging deep change within personal and organizational realms

Change the World

Examines how ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary results.

The Great Omission

Re-establishes discipleship as a foundational process of Christian spiritual formation

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business

Lays out Lencioni's factors driving organizational health and how that defines a culture which improves missional effectiveness

Looking outward (from inside the church walls to the community)

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The Externally Focused Church

Explores changing the tendency toward inward, congregation focus to external, community service and relationships

The Externally Focused Quest

The follow-on book by Swanson and Rusaw exploring how to move to an externally focused church - full of inspiring stories

Missional Renaissance

Considers the changes necessary for leaders and churches to develop into missional organizations

Longing for Spring

Studies the establishment of rules of life and the role of new monastic communities

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