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Level Two Projects

SLI stands with a stream of Christ’s followers, which reach back over the centuries, who strive to break free from the restraints of culture to find innovative ways to apply the timeless principles of Christ.  We are discovering ways to develop and grow trust and unity so that we are able to deploy more effective spiritual leaders. If you have been through one of our projects we would like for you to take a look at our level 2 projects and consider having an SLI coach walk-along-side you as your team becomes increasingly dedicated to living as spiritual leaders

Purpose: To facilitate the continual development of teams built in Level 1 projects. An SLI Coach facilitates Reflecting, Adjusting, and Doing based on the implementation during Level 1

Process: A Level 2 Project usually involves

  • Two retreats during a one year time frame lasting 12 hours each – reflecting and adjusting the overall ministry action plan and setting benchmarks for the next 6 months and beyond
  • Monthly 1 hour video conferences with team leaders
  • Access to the following (continually improving) tools and materials:
    • Level 2 SLI project materials
    • Online project management area
    • Level 2 Forum – interact with others who are going through or have gone through Level 2 projects with SLI
    • Web/Phone based coaching support

Payoff:  Early stage implementation and transformation begun during Level 1 becomes more fully integrated into the day-to-day life of your ministry, generating Spirit-led fruitfulness at a level both broader and deeper than before.  Previously independent facets of your ministry become more fully connected in an intentional system for making disciples, increasing the unity, focus, and effectiveness of the ministry.

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