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Level Three Projects

SLI is dedicated to standing with a stream of Christ-followers that reaches back over the centuries who have broken free from the restraints of culture to learn ways to apply timeless principles innovated for this day. We are discovering ways to develop and grow trust and unity so that we are able to deploy more effective spiritual leaders. If you have been through one of our projects and would like to know more about how we are using technology to build a virtual network and move teams further along in their journey please contact us to discover what we have been learning

Purpose: Level 3 Projects foster the continual development of the teams built in Level 1 & 2 projects. An SLI Coach facilitates Reflecting, Adjusting and Doing based on the implementation during Levels 1 & 2, as the overall ministry becomes more and more generative in nature.

  • Due to high trust and deep relationships, Level 3 projects propel ministries to new heights while contributing to the advancement of SLI materials and processes.

Process: A Level 3 Project usually involves

  • Two semi-annual retreats of 12 hours each – Reflecting and Adjusting the overall ministry action plan and setting benchmarks for the next 6 months and beyond
  • Access to the following (continually improving) tools and materials:
    • Level 3 and all SLI materials
    • Online project management area for multiple teams
    • Level 3 Forum – interact with others who are in or have been in Level 3 partnerships with SLI
    • Web/Phone based coaching support
    • Opportunities to help advise and develop new projects, materials
    • Host events and participate in SLI world-wide projects as appropriate
    • Participate in the SLI Advisory Board
  • Hosting of SLI coach training for your geographic area.

Payoff:  Level 3 projects are designed to assist your ministry in becoming genuinely generative, where the unity, spirit, and passion of teams built in previous levels drive multiplication of teams beyond the scope of Level 2, carrying your ministry into the future with a self-generating life of its own.

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