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Level One Projects

If you are new to SLI and would like to experience our generative team environments, then this is the ideal place to begin.  The majority of work over the last decade has been walking-along-side groups of people as they move through this process of building a transformative environment.

Purpose: To build a team of spiritual leaders, living in covenant community, which loves, learns, and leads together in a way that brings a unity of focus, an empowerment of gifts and passions, and commitment to advancing God's mission as they implement the Ministy Action Plan they've developed and tested during their journey together.

Process: Level One projects include:

  • SLI Coaches who lead an intentional process that includes 100 hours of facilitation, exposing participants to:
    • growing spiritually together
    • creating transformative environments
    • providing leadership that continually risks improving
    • all within the local context
  • Phase 1 SLI project materials: we provide access to materials that can be copied and reused as often as needed within your setting.  Though our materials have copyright protection we license them and encourage people to copy and reuse the materials as often as possible.
  • Online project management area: We utilize Basecamp project management software to facilitate a secure online tool for collaboration, sharing information and making decisions.
  • Level 1 Forum: participants can interact with others who are going through other Level 1 projects with SLI
  • Web/Phone based coaching support: our coaches are available through phone and video conferencing software to help in bringing an objective outside perspective.  SLI utilizes WebEx conferencing software to facilitate our online meetings.

Payoff: A team living a transformed life together as ministry leaders with a new spirit of unity around God's purposes, better fulfilling their callings and leading the ministry to more fruitful outcomes. In addition their eye is clearly on multiplying their team experience and its outcomes throughout their ministry and beyond.

Project Types: Follow the links in the menu to the right to see specific types of Level One Projects.

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