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More Excited about Ministry

The Grace Spiritual Leadership Academy (a project of SLI) has blessed me in so many ways that it will be hard to write them all. So, I will point out only a few.

First, the focus and direction of my ministry is clearer than it has ever been.  Second, I am more excited about ministry now than at any other time in the nearly 35 years I have been serving full-time.  Third, I am watching the Holy Spirit cause ministry to bubble up out of the hearts of ALL God's people, without my having to force it, or push it.  Finally, I am honored to have opportunities to share the biblical principles and practical skills and strategies I have been receiving from SLI, in order to help be part of a movement in the Church to change the world for Jesus Christ.

It doesn't get any better than THIS (although grandchildren might be a close second)!

Mike Loomis, Pastor, FUMC Punta Gorda, Florida

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