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One of the core values of SLI from the very beginning has been to develop the optimum environments in which to learn from and give to others.  The greatest expression that we have of this type of community is in our partnerships.  For example, SLI is proud to be intertwined with Grace Church of Cape Coral Florida in just such a partnership, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell where one organizations stops and the other starts.  Through our partnership with Grace Church we are able to demonstrate effectively the principles and process of SLI being lived out across a very diverse community of believers.  For more information on how to experience these two organizations working together we recommend that you attend Grace in Action Weekends.

We are working hard to develop additional partnerships where we can operate more effectively together than we can apart.  We are hoping to see true covenant in more and more places as we develop the tools and resources to bridge between missions and cultures.

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