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Our work is accomplished through a walk-along-side coaching process with a group of 5-12 leaders and an SLI coach.  We refer to the process as L3: Loving, Learning and Leading.  Within this process, members of churches and other organizations first grow in their faithfulness to God and then their fruitfulness for God.  The latter is accomplished by learning the language of leadership and a set of cutting edge tools and processes for leading, then applying this learning through leading the organizations of which they are a part. Our approach is unique in that it starts with a focus on developing spiritually, then builds on that base expanding from growing the participants, to the team, followed by the organization and finally the community. Surprising to most participants, they grow in their spiritual maturity through these projects.  This proven approach has begun the work of transforming leaders, churches, businesses, and communities.

Much of the world feels there isn’t time for this, yet we find it to be the most effective and efficient path to fruitfulness.

Workshops and Retreats

SLI coaches and specialists provide workshops and retreats, where the principles of spiritual leadership can be talked through and applied by participants.  These events can be designed to fit your specific need; for example, we are comfortable with any sized group.  Our coaches focus on helping people develop new understandings of how to be spiritual leaders integrating Loving, Learning, and Leading, and preparing them for shifts in an environment where tasks serve the mission instead of the other way around.  These workshops often lead to walk-along-side projects. Read more...

The flow of projects and relationships

Level 1 projects – Invite people to experience what happens when they focus on living Christian principles with each other as a base for leading a ministry.  As is often true of small group experiences the team of people becomes unified, trusting, and determined together.  This covenant community that is focused on growing each other spiritually becomes the model of what Spiritual Leadership is all about. Read more...

Level 2 projects – Naturally not all who attend a Phase 1 projects are able to continue on with the journey, some who are in leadership positions are not gifted for the role, some are unable to set down the baggage that they have accumulated over their life, and some do not resonate with the SLI approach.  We have been blessed to have a third of the participants not only resonate but also have the ability to translate what they learn into their own environments.  It is for these people that Level 2 has been developed.  In Level 2 projects SLI helps the ministries enter into a cadence of moving big adaptive strategies into their day-to-day work and then discover how to continually improve upon the work. During level 2 projects, SLI provides more tools and shared experience to overcome the obstacles that they face in their ministry settings. Read more...

Level 3 projects - Ministry leaders become connected to each other in what we refer to as a Virtual Network.  These leaders actually sign up to be held accountable for Personal and Missional growth.  Now they are applying what they learned in level 2 to building a community outside of the walls of their traditional ministry. They test out new ways to increase leadership capacity across their ministries, become a part of the front edge of the learning environment with SLI, and learn the tools for building successful partnerships with other ministries and community organizations. Read more...


Since its inception, SLI, has assisted thousands of clergy and lay leaders in discovering, developing, and deploying their spiritual leadership for effective ministry. We have countless experiences where ministries have grown in their abilities to provide pathways for discipleship, and, as a by-product, we have increased their abilities to preach, teach, and administer as they leave behind incremental growth and focus on working with God in a generative way.

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