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Lead Team Projects

This project requires that 8-11 persons be selected to join the leader in this project.  SLI provides a variety of methods for selecting persons and will clarify the selection process in our pre-project meetings.  The participants will be developing as Spiritual Leaders who model community that learns and leads together, developing the capacity to solve adaptive problems together.
  • A leadership format and rhythm that promotes individual and community Spiritual Growth
  • The creation of a Ministry Action Plan that formats the ministries into a disciple making system that can be measured and improved continuously.
  • The ability for many who participate to duplicate the process in other parts of their context, causing generative growth.
  • During the first year, a significant increase in positive growth within the teams should be expected.  Within 3-5 years a significant increase in positive growth across the ministries represented should be expected
  • Team Configuration

Together the participants develop as Spiritual Leaders who model community that learn and lead together developing the capacity to solve adaptive problems together.   This team shepherds the creation of an environment that fosters transformation and establishes processes that produce fruit.  Several of the participants will have the gifts and passions to duplicate this project with other ministries throughout the church and ministries where they serve thereby planting the seeds of leadership reproduction.  All participants should find the confidence to build teams attracting & involving the significant gifts God has placed in the area.  

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