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Higher Education Opportunities

Knowing that students have multiple pressures and diverse expectations going on in their lives, we are providing a variety of approaches to learning the principles of Spiritual Leadership within Higher Education settings. We have built different types of programs in partnerships with Colleges, Seminaries and Universities and are excited to provide opportunities for students who are interested in learning, and experiencing the art and science of leadership.

The following provides an example of the syllabus used to integrate a MDiv program with SLI spiritual leadership development

  • Phase 1:SLI syllabus
    • Introductions: Learning about and practicing spiritual formation within a mission-oriented project team
    • SLI processes: Learning how these processes facilitate both “being and making disciples” as a primary strategy for ministry leadership (L3 Loving, Learning, and Leading in modified/reduced way)
    • The practices of covenant
    • Self reflection/self awareness in relationship with others: Students read and reflect on The Anatomy of Peace
    • Leadership Identity: SLI definitions of leadership including - COGPOW - deep change begins with us - leaders are first of all followers
    • Introduction to Supervised Ministry Teams (SMT)
      • Intro to Project Leaders - SLI practioners
      • Begin formation and covenant practices with SMT under supervision of the SMT Leader toward end of Phase 1
  • Phase 2: SLI syllabus
    • Begin SMT with the intent of quickly growing the team past the state of Independent Leaders into a Connected Team
    • Begin spiritual practices with covenant commitments in SMT
    • Begin “just in time” leading to develop SMT using:
      • L3 (Loving, Learning, Leading)
      • SLI Leadership Model: Team, Deep Change, Shared Mission & Responsibility
      • Team Paradigm of Ministry: What is it? How to become a team, and how to develop teams
      • Development/Discernment/Creation of MAP: Context, Focus, Systems for Disciple-Making (from both biblical  & historic perspectives)
      • Emergent Transformational Leadership (enlarging the lives of others), Planning, Implementation, Accountability, & Evaluation TOGETHER related to MAP (RAD)
  • Phase 3: SLI syllabus
    • Transformation (moving from Connected to Generative)
    • Filter: discern those who are most ready to move into Phase 3
    • Teams from Phase 2 multiplying teams for implementation of MAP with L3and RAD
    • More radical-missional reading (ex. Change the World, The Forgotten Ways...)
    • Internships as individual leaders or teams in Generative environments (ex. Grace Church, Cape Coral FL)
    • Apprenticeships as co-facilitators for other student s

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