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Generative Approach

We find a majority of leaders, even those who are in ministries that are just trying to survive, aspire to be heroic solo leaders.  These ministries, "Independent Stage", can be very effective but are  limited by the capacities of the leaders.  Ministries at the Independent stage of development tend to burn out leaders, and effectiveness achieved tends not to be sustainable past the tenure of the leader.

Since its inception, SLI, has assisted thousands of clergy and lay leaders in discovering, developing, and deploying their spiritual leadership gifts for effective ministry. We have countless experiences where ministries have grown in their abilities to provide pathways for discipleship, and, as a by-product, have increased their abilities to preach, teach, and administer as they leave behind incremental growth and focus on working with God in a generative way.

Stages of Ministry Maturity

Stages of Ministry Maturity

  • Independent

    • Success is dependent on the competence and heroics of individuals - Solo Leaders
      • Can lead to what some call "Heroic Solo Leadership Syndrome"
      • Chronic fatigue
    • Little innovation around the flow and process of disciple making
    • Lacking unity
    • Lacking accountability
  • Connected

    • Success is based on unity and momentum
    • Clear focus
    • Teamwork is strong
    • Able to overcome adaptive challenges
  • Generative

    • Momentum, Innovation, Multiplication
    • Spiritual leaders focused on helping other become spiritual leaders
    • Fruitful
      • Fruit filled results

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