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We are trying to answer the one question - "how can the church be more effective at making disciples"? This is a big open question 

“Changing leaders & environments  for a changed world for Christ”


“Discover, Develop, and Deploy passionate spiritual leaders and teams for the transformation of churches, organizations, and communities.”


    Developing SPIRITUAL LEADERS who model community that learns and leads together


    We believe God is building the Church, and does so through Spiritual Leaders.

    This means leadership as Christ practiced it, preparing the self as a servant of others for the sake of God’s mission.

    Real leadership and spirituality are synergistic in that they feed off of each other and are more powerful together.  SLI’s walk-along-side process fosters growth in both areas.

    We recognize that without spiritual self discipline and self sacrifice we cannot become servant leaders.

    We must conform to the image of Christ if we wish to lead as Christ led.

    We must continuously embrace and model this type of walk-along-side leadership.

    Modeling CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY that learns and leads together.

    The Christian way of life is meant to be lived in community, for it is in community that we see a clear picture of Christ.  Each individual reflects a distinctly unique aspect of God, and this diversity when united reveals a more complete picture of God’s nature and goodness.

    There are no isolated members of the body of Christ.

    No one or their work is insignificant.

    No ministry is too large or too small.

    We are called to duplicate believers, leaders, ministries, including SLI.

    We are called to learn, repeatedly discovering, continually refining, continually focusing.

    As iron sharpens iron, so should Christians strive to love each other to excellence for Christ.  SLI models a type of Christian community where participants can learn and mature and where they will eventually long to reproduce genuine community and live a life of continuous learning.

    Creating ENVIRONMENTS that foster transformation

    A transformational environment is a “safe place” for growth.  This means a place where

    We do not feel judged but do feel accountable,

    Where we do not feel ignorant but do realize growth potential,

    Where we do not feel incompetent but we do recognize our flaws and partner with others to allow Christ to grow us into leaders.

    We must know this kind of environment so well that we can reproduce it.

    A transformational environment fosters positive risk taking growth.  It incorporates aspects of accountability groups, learning groups, and planning groups.

    The Holy Spirit uses our walk-along-side process to transform individuals so that they in turn can transform their worlds.

    Establishing PROCESSES that produce fruit

    We are not emphasizing CONTENT or ANSWERS but the PROCESSES for adapting and overcoming.  We recognize that often today’s right answers are tomorrow’s mistakes, so we emphasize PROCESSES and QUESTIONS above short term answers and immediate fixes.  We are not about giving a fish, but about enabling others to fish.

    SLI leaders model coaching, not teaching, and like Jesus they instruct more with questions than with lectures.

    This style of leadership is modeled so that participants can reproduce it.

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