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Donate to SLI

Donate to SLI's Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are provided in two categories:

  • For projects that include a heavy emphasis on training clergy and lay leadership for ministry in today's ever-changing world.
    • An example: We have identified the need for pastors of churches averaging between 150 and 200 in weekly attendance to receive training in growing past the 200 barrier.
  • For SLI Coach training aimed primarily at seminary students to help better prepare them for ministry.

Donate to SLI's General Fund

As a 501 c(3), SLI depends on financial gifts to help reduce the expense associated with our service.  And, while the SLI team considers their work a ministry, it also provides a living for a growing number of folks and their families.  Our ministry philosophy is to walk along side those we serve as they work out their calling.  This makes for deep learning and provides for real transformation of people and organizations but it is time intensive.

Of course, we welcome checks if you prefer.  Please make your donation out to SLI and send your donation toSLI
PO Box 21910
Lexington, KY 40522

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