“I love the combination of discipleship and spiritual leadership coming together in a single model”.

C V Elliott

C V Elliott joined Grace Church in Cape Coral, Florida in 2009. There he was introduced to SLI as he accepted team leadership roles in the church. He assisted the start-up of a mission partnership between Grace Church and a group of pastors in a city of Nicaragua. The name of the partnership later became known as Nica-Grace.

CV assisted in the early phase of the project which included utilization of the SLI process. In January 2017, CV began the process to become an SLI Coach and was certified in May 2019.

His ministries span more than 45 years. He has been a youth minister; a certified lay speaker; a licensed local pastor; a mentor to college & seminary students; Vice President of a Mission Agency; Director of Development of another agency, and is currently a teacher affiliated with New International. His teaching roles regularly take him to Asia and Africa.

CV is currently working to establish SLI in an Asian nation. He and his wife Judy make their home in Cape Coral, Florida.

Cape Coral, FL