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A lack of unity within the leadership of any body will prevent healthy growth.

The American Church has been delivering statistics such as 2,700 church closings per year and 41% of our local churches not adding a single adult profession of faith in 2002.  Little evidence is seen that those claiming to be Christians are living a life articulated and called for in the Bible.

We have found overworked, burned-out pastors who have struggled for years to turn this situation around, lay people with the necessary spiritual gifts but not really engaged, or with no idea how to help, and with the need for significantly higher spiritual maturity in their lives.  In working with dozens of local churches, various judicatories, statewide denominational groups and a prominent seminaries, we have not only gained a unique perspective on why the church in America is not positively impacting today’s society in a significant manner but we also believe we see a way out of this situation. We are convinced that God is at work across the country revitalizing His church and we believe that we have an important part to play in that revival.

To truly love as Christ loved we must be willing to risk becoming incarnational leaders--leaders who leave the comfort of their own culture and circumstances to find ways to connect and unify others.

 When working with God you should  expect the miraculous.

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