“When we step into this work we become the gateway to God’s unconditional love and power. We become that doorway that we can walk through with others for the transformation of the world. It makes my eyes shine and my spirit dance”

Cathy Self

Cathy Self joined Spiritual Leadership, Inc. in 2006, serving since then as Coach for a variety of projects including the first Hispanic/Latino team and the National Emmaus/Chrysalis Leadership team. 

Cathy most recently served as President and CEO for Baptist Healing Trust, a private grant-making foundation for health related nonprofits in Middle Tennessee. With thirty-five years’ experience in the health care field, Cathy has provided direct care as a physical therapist and as an organizational leader through a number of roles including previous service as Vice President for Organizational Learning with Saint Thomas Health Services in Nashville, TN. 

Cathy was awarded a Masters in Leadership from Trinity Western University with an emphasis on servant leadership in 2003 and a PhD in Organizational Learning from Regent University in 2009. A lifelong Southern Baptist, she grew up as a deacon’s kid, pastor’s kid, missionary kid, and now minister’s wife. She has served in many roles within the Church including Sunday School teacher, choir member, retreat and Bible study leader. 

Cathy is married to Barney and they have two children Aimee and Matthew. Being “Nana” to the grands is Cathy’s crowning joy.

Nashville, TN

Some of my projects

I have been privileged to walk along-side teams that cut across generations, settings, congregational sizes, and cultures. While most have been English speakers only, some have included peoples for whom Spanish is the heart language. In every circumstance, God’s spirit has gone before and the work of transformation has been witnessed at both the personal and corporate levels.

First Baptist Church, Capitol Hill

In a historically, black church, located in a downtown-urban area, a team of multi-generational members met for two years to launch a renewed focus on discipleship in a rapidly changing context. One of their culminating actions was to hire an assistant pastor for discipleship who now leads the operating, discipleship team for the church. This project started with a whole church, off site retreat and ended with a whole church, on site call to action in four major focus areas of inreach and outreach. This is a church on the move for God!

Nashville District

A team of 12 invited pastors came together over the course of a year to learn about how to create environments for God's leadership, refocusing on ministry priorities and experiencing transformation of spirit and soul. Of those 12 pastors, several have moved into conference level positions, and many have employed the principles and practices of living into a L3 environment at the local and conference level.

Ebenezer-Antioch UMC

Members of a local Hispanic-Latino congregation and a local Anglo-English congregation have met to discern God's direction and plan for a rapidly changing community composed primarily of refugees and immigrant peoples. Building trust was the first order of business, and the team explored what a covenant relationship might look like. Conversations became open and honest, and God is moving among them in mighty ways.