Serving people entrusted to guide in ministry

SLI has been helping people create teams that lead to unity, trust and fruitfulness in diverse cultures around the world.

Many in my congregation who never before viewed themselves as spiritual leaders are becoming exactly that - and they are having a ton of fun doing it!
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on Leadership capacity
Our church has turned the corner and is growing and thriving thanks to the guidance we have received from the objective, spirit led folks at SLI.
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on growing disciples
First, the focus and direction of my ministry is clearer than it has ever been. Second, I am more excited about ministry now than at any other time in the nearly 35 years I have been serving full-time. Third, I am watching the Holy Spirit cause ministry to bubble up out of the hearts of ALL God's people, without my having to force it, or push it.
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on joy in leading
The leadership project impacted me in many ways. The primary way is in my willingness to take more risks (or perhaps simply being more bold) in my leadership. The strong emphasis on building a team was critical in this taking place. I no longer feel alone in pushing for new initiatives and ministries.
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on adaptive capacity

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The SLI Story

Our story has been unfolding since its incorporation as a not-for-profit organization in the year 2000. There were many elements that contributed to the start of SLI but at the heart of this beginning were two lay persons who built deep relationships with their pastor. Over the years they were exposed to spiritual formation practices, ongoing learning, and the practice of leadership in their local church. God’s presence and gifts were put into motion as a community of believers began to dream of what could be.

The on-ramp to the first project was filled with many Gideon like tests, the final catalyst occurred as the founders were praying “please God send us a sign that this dream of SLI is not crazy”. It was in that moment that a young pastor unwittingly asked for help, and the ministry began.

The passion for God and the passion to create healthy leadership environments drove the development of the L3 model of Loving, Learning, and Leading. This model simply mirrored the elements that brought SLI into existence in an intentional way. From the very first project on, SLI has considered itself a learning organization. Now with many hundreds of projects, across 8 denominations, in diverse cultures all over the world, SLI’s ability to learn and grow has become quite significant. SLI’s story is a God story, where ministries of all different types find joy in helping people discover their callings as disciples of Jesus Christ and where leaders leave isolation, distraction and frustration.

We hope that you will join us in this unfolding story. As people entrusted to guide other, we hope you can us as we learn how to develop our gifts and walk more closely with God. What will result is an increasing number of deployed spiritual leaders living interdependently in community around the world. We believe, with God and this approach, that we will see God’s vision realized as the world experiences immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.