Bring more joy and focus to your ministry

We help you love, learn, and lead together, creating environments that foster transformation

Ready for Transformation Beyond Imagination?

Overcome isolation

I’m tired of being alone in this work. I feel the weight of the whole ministry falling on my shoulders.

With SLI You Will

Build a healthy team of Spiritual Leaders to make ministry sustainable and life-giving.

Overcome Distraction

I’m tired of being pulled a million directions. There’s too much to do and not enough time for what I was called to.

With SLI You Will

Create plans that help you lead through chaos, distraction and uncertainty.

Overcome Frustration

I’m frustrated with lack of joy … fruitful ministry … teamwork … impact … Nothing ever seems to change.

With SLI You Will

Spark courage, action and learn to grow disciples of Jesus who transform the world.

how we help

Build a Personalized Plan

Discuss your challenges and how our approach can help. We'll design a plan to meet your needs.

Recruit & Develop a Team

Identify and select a high-functioning team of spiritual leaders using our effective process.

Begin Loving, Learning & Leading

Create supportive environments where learning flourishes with teams who love God and each other well.

Multiply & Engage your Ministry

Move people into action, multiply disciple making and engage in a life-changing journey together.

How we are different


Spiritual formation is central to everything we do. Our Loving, Learning and Leading model helps you first grow in your faithfulness to God and then your fruitfulness for God.


We are guides, not consultants. We believe in walking alongside you and your team to guide you through a process that helps you discern how God is leading and turn that into a plan and see fruit.


We don't promise quick fixes. Growing as a team of spiritual leaders takes time. Creating environments that foster transformation takes time. Our teams make commitments to Loving, Learning & Leading to begin to put plans into action and see results.


Many ministries operate on intuitive systems that are difficult to communicate, improve, or replicate. We help you develop intentional systems that allow the capacities of your ministries to flourish.


Our work makes sure that the foundations of your ministry are solid. Good foundations will keep you and your people from wearing out and prevent your mission from drifting. We believe ministry is for the long term.


We understand there's no "one-size fits all" when it comes to ministry. While our main calling to "go and make disciples" is the same, the way that happens will be unique in your setting. We'll teach you an adaptive model of planning and action that you can replicate and scale in your ministry setting.

Who we help

Over the years we have developed our ability to serve Churches and ministries of all sizes and types.

  • Churches or ministries with a single pastor and minimal or no other staff.
  • Churches or ministries with multiple staff members.
  • Governing bodies that oversee churches or ministries.
  • Christian leaders in non-profits, and the marketplace focused on Christ's mission.